Thursday, December 2, 2010

Going Postal Friday December 3, 2010

First let me begin with the good news that my 15 year old, bad ass shelter cat from Chicago arrived safe and sound at Narita airport yesterday and was delivered to my doorstep last evening.  He appeared a bit shellshocked after his ordeal and after I  ascertained that the red/pink splotch on his leg was only newspaper ink (from paper lining his crate) and not a mortal wound, we all settled in for a semi restful nights sleep.  Semi restful as he  found 3 am the most appropriate time to explore his new surroundings and comment upon them.  Read: howling, meowing and running.  I have found a use for the maid's room - it now contains a litter box.  It may soon contain a cat.

We have been blessed thus far with amazing weather and G and I have made at least 1 if not 2 trips to nearby parks on a daily basis.  With park, lunch and nap, our day is pretty much taken care of. Today we woke up to galestorm winds and rain and I had to check to make sure that it wasn't typhoon season.  Crap...what to do today??

Conundrum is solved by husband who needs to apply for international driver's license in order to drive company car waiting for him at his office.  I need to find a. located Post Office, b. purchase necessary envelopes from non-English speaking postal workers and c. mail in his AAA application for the international permit.  After consulting a plethora of resources, I find there is a Post Office within walking distance of our apartment, next to the Red Cross Hospital.  I will address (pun intended) the address system here in Japan in another post.  Suffice to say, it is impossible for a westerner to figure out, so I go by landmarks.  The Post Office building is designated by symbol that looks like a "T" with a line over it.  Miracle of all miracles, I locate said building and manage to convey, in sign language, to the attendant, what I need.  He even helps me go through my coins and pay for it as I'm a bit distracted by  G who is standing in front of the sensor for the automatic door, making it open/close at least 30 times during the transaction - as you do.   Bolstered by my sense of accomplishment (don't mock, it's the little things) and my new found postal worker friend, I even purchased stamps for Christmas Cards.  I think this may be a bit ambitious, but a girl can dream.

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