Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Aliens - Monday November 29th

Today we are going to the local ward office (Shibuya) to apply for our Alien Registration cards.  These cards identify us as non Japanese residents and they must be carried with us at all times, in place of carrying our passports around.  Apparently if we are stopped and asked for the card and are not carrying it, mon dieu!, we could be taken to the local police station where we will be interrogated and then required to apologize (in writing) to whom, am not sure.  Just know that this must be done in Japanese.  I find this rather humorous.  Our designated corporate assistant/translator/chaperone does not see the humor in this.  In reality she is a godsend as nothing in the ward office is in English.  She has prepared all of our documents in so much as all we need to do is sign our names.  Thanks god.  She also assists us with opening a bank account and our membership to the Tokyo American Club (TAC) - the essential membership for any expat in Tokyo, as well as for quite a few Japanese as well.

Our neighborhood is fabulous - quite a few local restaurants, cafes, stores, pharmacies, salons, 2 Starbucks and a KFC.  Random.  We decide on Mexican and hit up La Jolla tonight.  Margaritas are delish, same cannot be said for food although the owner and his wife dote on G, who relishes the attention although obviously hasn't a clue what they are saying to him.  When he starts singing Baa Baa Black Sheep at the top of his lungs in a restaurant with a 25 seat capacity, we take this as our cue to leave although owners seem to enjoy as they are clapping along.

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