Thursday, January 27, 2011

Getting Settled

Our sea shipment has arrived from London!  Actually it arrived last week and was delivered on Wednesday and Thursday - when G and I were both home sick with the flu.  The all Japanese crew was amazing and courteous and after ascertaining that we were both hacking and deathly ill, proceeded to unload and unpack with face masks on - and I don't blame them.  The foreman was named Alejandro and after a rough start with English and Japanese, we managed to communicate entirely in Spanish as his mother is Japanese and his father from Bolivia - who knew? All of the furniture was placed in the proper rooms and now it's just a matter of organizing.  This is specific to my closet and to my shoes, with the Husband now calling me Imelda (as in Marcos).  Did he not see the plethora of shoes before???  I guess not.  Did I mention that I have a full sized billiards/ping pong table in my living room?  Seriously not going to be featured in Architectural Digest anytime soon.  It's called "pick your battles" and I'll say nothing more.

Our new helper, Vergie, started this week as well.  She'll be doing housekeeping, laundry, ironing and occasionally babysitting for G.  The Phillipines (to the best of my knowledge) is one of the only countries to offer a nanny Visa, thus there are a large number of Filipina nannies/housekeepers looking for sponsors or part time work in Tokyo.  Vergie is actually sponsored by a friend of mine whose husband works for the Canadian government but she is looking for additional hours and money and then she in turn will send that money back to the Phillipines to help her family.  I adore her thus far and G (who doesn't normally warm up immediately) told her that she had very nice hair which elicited squeals of joy from her.  He's learning early that flattery will get you everywhere. Will be interested to see how she wrangles him as they are approximately the same height and weight.  I kid, but she is tiny.

Today I was the lucky/first one to experience the Tokyo medical system and treatment.  After bursting into tears this morning due to sharp shooting pain in my head as well as a jaw and ear ache, the Husband practically dragged me to the doctor.  I guess he's learned that when I cease to function, the world as he knows it pretty much comes to a grinding halt.  We're fortunate that we live in an area overrun by expats so there is an English speaking clinic nearby.  After a thorough check up, I was diagnosed with sinusitis and sent away with drugs - antibiotics plus additional amoxicillan that I am to take for 10 days.  Joy.

I've met a few ladies through the Tokyo American Club and am in the process of "dating" and weeding out the "could be really good friends" from the "we'll just be acquaintances".   Fortunately TAC affords a number of opportunities for involvement, be it classes, volunteering, interest groups or tours, so I've elected to throw myself in with abandonment.  Am drawing the line at lamp and shade making (for reals), but will be taking an Ikebana class - floral arrangement, a tea ceremony class and Shodo - calligraphy.  I've decided to adopt the When In Rome way of thinking and really make the most of our time here in Tokyo.

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